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Employer Faq’s

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  • 01. Can you find professionals for a client that will fill a temporary position?

    Absolutely! We strictly seek out candidates that match the requirements that you specify to us. If one of your specifications is that the candidate is available for only a temporary position, we will find all prospects that qualify.

  • 02. Can you help a client fill a position that requires executive-level experience?

    We have helped our clients hire professionals at every level of the business hierarchy. We will fill the position with the experience level that is required. We will match you with young professionals that can grow with your company, or seasoned experts that are able to advance the performance of your business.

  • 03. As a job seeker, will you find a position for me that is local?

    When candidates looking for positions work with us, we take all preferences of both the candidate and our clients into consideration. If a candidate requests that their commute to work be as short as possible, we will rule out any positions you believe are too far for you.

  • 04. How do you know the candidate will be a good fit in our businesses industry?

    Here at ARP, our recruiters are knowledgeable industry experts themselves. Our recruiters know all the technical jargon of the industry allowing us to identify important skills that potential recruits have listed on their resumes.

  • 05. What is the vetting and hiring process like for candidates and employers?

    We funnel candidates from a pool of hundreds of professionals that are in the market for a new job position. We use a consultative approach to build relationships with prospective candidates and employers. This allows us to perfectly match the two together for the best result for both parties.

  • 06. What kinds of positions do you fill?

    We work with professionals and employers across many different industries. Many of the positions that we fill are clinical positions but range in responsibilities like Clinical Research Associates, IVRS Programmers, Medical Writing Quality Review, Project Managers, Regulatory, Records Specialists, Clinical Programmers, Medical Writers, Statistical Programmers, Project Managers, and more!

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